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JDM Subaru Legacy BILSTEIN Shocks Struts Coil Springs Suspension 2005-2009 OEM - 20310AG140/20310AG150


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The item is used and in good shape with small or minor dents, scuffs and surface scratches on it. Please refer to and review the pictures carefully and thoroughly for any imperfections. Should you have any questions or require additional pictures, please feel free to contact us. 


Exact Item is shown please review photos prior to purchasing!
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This is an imported JDM Part Directly from Japan. Please consult with your Auto Body Technician prior to purchasing this item to make sure this item will work for you. While we will do our best to assist you, further research may be needed to check compatibility with your vehicle.


Handling will range from 24 hours - 3 Days @MAX once order is placed.


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Before placing your order make sure you have viewed all pictures provided carefully. You will receive what you see.

If any claim is made with malicious intent, we reserve the right to void any warranty.


We highly recommend that you make a purchase from our company when you are ready to do the installation either once received or within the first week. The reason for this is because your warranty period (on applicable items) will start once you receive your item. Any claim placed after the warranty period cannot be accepted. Buyer assumes liability if he/she fails to report any problems within the warranty period.

Before reading this section; know that seized / blown engines / ECUs are not covered under the warranty. Unless otherwise stated, you are purchasing a tested, working unit. Even on the first day of your warranty period if this occurs; any claim will immediately be refused.

Additionally; shipping and labor charges are not covered under the warranty. Buyer must accept the responsibility and coverage upon placing a claim.

Claims or chargebacks stating the item is not as described will not be accepted. All buyers are presented with actual item pictures prior to shipping out.

If a settlement is in progress and the client attempts a chargeback, know that all previous offers are subject to deductions in dealing with the chargeback case.

We are not responsible for any labor charges.

If during the installation process, minor defective parts are found, please contact us in order to get them replaced (Depending on the situation in hand).  If you choose to purchase such parts from other retailers, it will be at your own cost. Do know that these are used JDM products and cosmetic defects and minor damage (not to interfere with functionality) is to be expected. Small parts and accessories are generally not covered under the warranty unless otherwise indicated but do contact us when an issue is noted.

If this item needs any minor or major repairs, the item must be returned. Labor costs are not covered. (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Items not covered:

All external parts attached to the engines, e.g., intake and exhaust manifolds, carburetors, distributor, starter, emission control devices, flywheel, clutch and pressure plate, water pump, thermostat, belts, hoses, oil pan, valve cover, sensors, electronic parts(distributor, wires, Computers, injectors, etc), transmissions, drive shafts, engine mounts, half shaft, timing belt, seals, spark plugs etc.

Damage to purchased parts cannot be covered. Due to the process in which we import; many parts will have dents and imperfections on the item at the time of listing..

Warranty of any Seized or Blown or Damage engines or body parts by customer during warranty period due to unprofessional installation or any other reason is void.

Please Note: You will have to use your existing electronics, ECU and wiring for engines and front end conversions. Meaning you may have to purchase some extra parts..

You will receive the item as shown in the pictures displayed. Any other additional parts required to complete your swap will have to be purchased separately. Some products may require additional components to be fully functional.

Purchase of the part sold, the customer verifies that the purchased part will fit into said vehicle.

We are not responsible for the failure of emissions and smog tests.

Small parts and accessories sold along side Freight class packages are sold as is. These accessories are generally included free of charge and are not covered under the warranty. Standard maintenance procedures are to be expected and all components should be inspected prior to installation.

We do charge a restocking fee of 30%.

Return shipping charges are not refundable. Charges related to the return of the item must be prepaid by the customer as well as any customs fees and related charges. 

There is a 30 days start-up warranty on this motor, starting from the time you receive the motor. This warranty will cover that no problems will occur if the engine is installed in the vehicle properly by a certified mechanic. In the event that a part of the engine block or head is found to be defective, this part will be replaced.

Our warranty covers all internal engine parts. Engine block, cylinder barrels and cylinder head are also warranted to be free of cracks or distortion.

The customer is responsible for all the freight charges on the return of a defective item(s) and no replacement part will be sent until our staff have inspected and verified the the returned defective item in question. . The customer is responsible for all the shipping charges for the returned product.

In the unlikely event that the item needs to be returned, it must be in the same condition it was sold and fully assembled. Please keep all of the unwanted parts/ components that you have taken off of the item for the period of the warranty. We must receive all of the parts that were included in the sale for the warranty to be valid. (THE RETURNED ITEM MUST MATCH THE ORIGINAL PICTURES)

If any numbers/letters/marks that we have written on the engine are removed (until engine is fully attached and running) and asked for it to be return we will not accept and the warranty is void.

All returned products/ items that we receive, must be inspected for the warranty or return to be valid. The test and inspection is to determine that no damages  Have occurred to the products or items during the client's possession.

When we sign for the returned item (Proof of Delivery) at our warehouse, the act of signing does not apply that your claim has been accepted.

If the item is returned with missing or damaged parts, you will be charged the retail price of replacement of the missing part(s) which we will deduct from the refund at our discretion.

If during inspection we discover that the item was damaged or destroyed while under the client's possession, we will not issue any refund or form of compensation.

Upon completion of the test of returned item AND IF YOUR CLAIM IS DETERMINED TO BE VALID, we will notify you for replacement or refund.

If the case is determined NOT to be valid, there will be no replacement sent or refund issued.

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